Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Hi there. My name is Eric Anderson. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio where I started my tattoo career. I later ran my own shop in New Mexico for a number of years. I have a total of twenty-one years of tattooing experience and have called Southside Tattoo my home shop for the past six years.

Much of my work includes portraiture, realism, color, black and gray, pointillism, and Japanese/Sumi-e styles. I also enjoy doing traditional, neo-traditional, biomechanical, and many other tattoo styles, and I specialize in cover-ups as well. Whether you are planning your first tattoo, adding to existing work, repairing old work, or covering up unwanted ink, I will give you my best advice and consideration. 

Please call the shop or email me directly if you have questions or to arrange for a consultation and/or appointment, and please be sure to include your phone number. Whenever possible, a face-to-face consultation prior to our actual appointment is recommended for best results. My rate is $150/hour with a required deposit to hold an appointment.

Please note, Eric typically works by appointments only and tends to book up 2-6 weeks in advance.    

Eric Anderson is in the shop on the following days/times:

  • Monday: noon – 3:30 pm 
  • Tuesday: noon – 9 pm 
  • Wednesday: noon – 5 pm 
  • Thursday: (every other) noon – 9 pm 
  • Friday: noon – 3:30 pm 
  • Saturday: (every other) noon – 9 pm 

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