Hitchhiking, Tattoos & Killer Whales in the Pacific Northwest

I have become quite selective about the artist I choose to ink me, and after months of research, I had decided I wanted to have Bart “Bartattoo” Willis do the final piece. Bart is a Canadian born artist who now lives in Austin, Texas having founded Southside Tattoos. He is regarded as one of the gurus of First Nations tattoo art, having helped revive the scene for the indigenous people of the Pacific North West. After a few emails to Bart stating my story and why I wanted to have a tattoo done by him, he told me he would be in Alert Bay, BC during the summer and to “stop on by for a visit”.

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Inked in Austin, Texas with Noska

Southside Tattoo on South Congress is known most for the shop’s incredible talent, and Noska is one of those tattoo artists that makes the experience that much more memorable (not lasering this one…ever!). He has been in Tattoo Conventions all over the globe, but he calls Austin home, and we like that. He will happily work with you to create the piece you want, and he knows how to make it unique and beautiful….he knows his ink. Come in and check out his portfolio, but make an appointment ’cause this artist is popular.