Noska was born in Texas some time ago and was raised by alligators. He starting tattooing as a teenager and had been tattooing for so many years the question how long  is inconsequential. He’s been working at Southside Tattoo for a damn long stretch. Noska has traveled extensively around the world, believes strongly in sandwiches and naps, is an avid Texas historian, enjoys long walks on the beach, and has heard every tattoo joke ever. There’s a street named for him in Austin (see if you can find it). He doles out advice regularly at the blog Man College 

And yes, Noska is his name.

Noska is in the shop Monday-Friday, 3pm-close 

If you’re looking for a price quote or to set up a consultation, please come by the shop rather than emailing. It may take a few days for us to respond to email inquiries, as we stay busy here at the shop. We appreciate your patience.

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