Doc Don Lucas coming to Austin!

Doc Don Lucas will be visiting Austin June 2nd - 5th !!! COME SEE him on SUNDAY JUNE 3rd at SOUTHSIDE TATTOO to say hi and pick up something from his vast collection of tattoo memorabilia collected over 45+ years of tattooing. A true OG! He will have vintage flash, machines, and stencils. Let us know soon if you'd like one of the books he's authored; Paul Rogers biography or the Plate Negatives book. 

We're also looking forward to hitting up some other awesome shops around town while he's here. Hope to see you! 

Shop Life

 Curious about what it's like in the shop?  Haven't been in for awhile and want to know what you've been missing?  Behold, here's where you can get a glimpse into life at Southside!  Check back frequently for shop updates and new images of all the cool random stuff we like to surround ourselves with.  And if you really miss us, come on in for a new piece to brighten your day! 

Leila's back in April 2018!

One of our greatest talents, Leila Willis Newton, moved to Haida Gwaii, BC earlier this year and the shop hasn't been the same since.  Lucky for us (and you), she's coming back to do some tattoos and hang with some of her favorite people at her favorite tattoo shop.  She will be back at Southside in September, so if you're interested in having her do some work on you, make sure and contact her soon to book some time while she's here.  Her schedule fills up quickly, so don't lag! She will be in the shop from April 4-May 1st.

Email her: 

Visit her website here

Our artists have many talents!

Did you know that we have some interesting characters at Southside Tattoo? Our very own Royce plays in a punk rock n' roll band called Rebel Flesh! Catch him doing musical things this upcoming February 8th at Sahara Lounge in Austin, TX. If you live in San Marcos, catch him Feb. 10th at the Railyard!


We love cookies.  And thankfully, folks love to bring us these delicious goodies.  To thank them, we like to put their picture up in the bathroom.  Why the bathroom?  Why not?  So if you want to be famous around here, bring us something sweet!  We like them all...chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter...we don't discriminate, and we will thank you forever.

What's up Beav?

Who doesn't love a good beaver shot??  Around here, pretty much anything goes, so long as there's a good story behind it... So what's the story with the beaver?  Come on by and ask Bart, it's his friend...